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What you need to know about electrical repairs

What to know about electrical repairs

What to know about outlet repairs

Older homes will often have electrical outlet problems. Sockets can come loose even where the plug does not stay. There are times when it is necessary to replace all existing sockets.

Emergency Electrician Massachusetts has put together some information that covers some basic notions on electrical repairs. If you have any questions or need outlet repairs in Massachusetts, give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

Replace the old aluminum wiring in the sockets

Existing aluminum wiring harnesses pose a serious fire hazard to you and your family if they are present in the home. At the socket connections, they pose a high risk of failure which can create a fire hazard. Unfortunately, many homes built before 1965 probably contain aluminum wire because copper was deficient during that development period. Aluminum cables and you will want a professional electrician to do it for you. The experienced electrician in Massachusetts can evaluate your current electrical connections in your outlets and determine what materials have been used in your home.

Conversion into life-saving points of sale

A lifesaver is a type of outlet that will activate an automatic shutdown and automatic reset switch so that the electricity is cut off. If it detects an alternate path of electricity, such as through wet hands, the unit will shut down. You may need to replace some of the existing outlets with a Lifesaving outlet. Normal sockets are unsafe if:

  • They will be used by an electrical device that holds water
  • If they are near a water source

If an outlet goes out, you will need a professional electrician to fix it. Here are some reasons why a store might be dead:

  • Circuit breakers tripped
  • Switches unleashed
  • Loose connections or wires at the outlet
  • Socket not installed properly or improperly repaired

An existing outlet may need to be repaired if it goes out. But before assuming that the outlet actually needs repair, be sure to check any other GFCI reset switches and check the main electrical panel for a tripped circuit breaker. Not all houses in Massachusetts or elsewhere have a circuit breaker in the panel box.

An outlet may have been installed or repaired incorrectly. Also, it is very dangerous not to have a qualified and experienced electrician working with your electrical systems and outlets or to try to do the job yourself. It just isn’t worth the risk of fire or potentially lethal electric shock.

Replacement of old outlets that do not fit with new appliances

You can buy a new dryer or dishwasher that requires a different type of electrical outlet. It’s exciting to get a new appliance, however, sometimes you bring it home and you can’t even plug it in to try it out because the plug won’t fit in the outlet! There are several reasons why the plug may need to be replaced, even if it is working properly:

  • The new appliance has a 4-pole socket, but the socket is a 3-pole socket
  • Your outlet is 4-pole (in newer homes) but you buy an older appliance
  • You want to install a hot tub or other devices that require more electricity than the outlet provides

We are local electricians who always carry out electrical inspections and tests after each job. You should also do the practice yourself regularly, to help you with any problems that may not be obvious with your electrical work.

However, if you have any questions about Emergency Electrician Massachusetts or you are looking for an electrician in Massachusetts:

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