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Qualified electrician

Qualified electrician

Vocational guidance on the job of electrician – difficult and dangerous work, but interesting and profitable.

What does an electrician do in his job?

Electrical installation is an important industry, without which the existence of modern man is unthinkable.

We all use a lot of electrical devices at home and in production that consumes a significant amount of energy. And the comfort and safety of our lives largely depend on the quality of the installation of power supply systems in apartments, houses, and enterprises.

That is why the profession of an electrician has long ceased to be associated with dirty, drunken men who do not know how to properly repair an outlet. What does an electrician do in his job? And became one of the most prestigious and best-paid jobs. Today’s electrician, or rather electrician, is a high-level professional capable of correctly drawing up a complete electrical supply scheme for the most modern building and bringing it to life with high quality.

In addition, this specialist can, in a few minutes, find a faulty component of the electrical wiring and repair it or make changes to the existing electrical supply circuit according to the customer’s requirements.

The important parts of the profession

To carry out all these operations, it is necessary not only to have a good understanding of power supply issues but also to keep an eye on all the innovations in your sector. What does an electrician do in his job? Know how to connect the most complex industrial, domestic, or lighting devices and equipment, and create the most serious electrification systems.

It is also impossible to install security, ventilation, and other systems without an adequate power supply. Therefore, an electrician must also have knowledge in other related fields in order to be able to clearly understand the peculiarities of the work to be performed in each case.

Expert Advice:

“As far as theoretical skills are concerned, an electrician must have basic knowledge of electrical engineering: an idea of ​​how an electrical circuit consisting of a power supply and a load works, knowledge of Ohm’s law, etc. . What does an electrician do in his job? Every electrician must also be able to work with hand and power tools. If a person has never held a screwdriver or wire cutter in their hand and doesn’t know the difference between an angle grinder and a hammer drill, it’s a bit early for an electrician,” an experienced professional electrical installer.

An electrician must also know the toothpick and strictly follow the safety rules. After all, it is one of the most dangerous professions. What does an electrician do in his job? In this country, the percentage of deaths of specialists due to electric shocks is very high.

However, apart from the difficulties and dangers of the electrician profession, there are many advantages. First of all, the working conditions are quite comfortable. As a rule, an electrician begins work when the construction has already been completed and the finishing work has begun. What does an electrician do in his job? Electrician rarely has to experience the full beauty of time. And the earnings are quite good here.

How profitable is the specialty of an electrician

The high complexity, requiring serious theoretical and practical training, and the danger, make this profession one of the most popular and best paid in the labor market.

A good electrician earns at least 3500 CHF per month in Switzerland. And in Lausanne, 5000 is not the limit. What does an electrician do in his job? In this case, he can get them in the form of a salary, working in one of the electrical installation companies, or paying for his work as a private electrician.

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A professional electrician always has his own circle of customers. It can be very broad if a professional only earns his living by carrying out private orders, or narrower if an electrician works in a company and does some freelance work. But he must eat. Also,  that means there is always a chance to make money. What does an electrician do in his job? And if an electrician decides to change employers, he will not sit without money. And he won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a new job. The price of highly skilled electricians is always high. 

And that’s what special education will do. What does an electrician do in his job? To get it, you have to be trained. And those who want to build a career will not interfere with the specialty of electrical installation engineer or energy engineer, which can only be obtained after graduation. You should know that these professions are considered quite prestigious and that competition is strong. Quality education can guarantee admission to the rank of student. Get it with the help of online tutors provided, only three out of a hundred applicants are enrolled in the tutoring staff. What does an electrician do in his job? We can therefore safely say that only the best tutors give lessons to students.

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