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How to install a ceiling fan?

How to install a ceiling fan?

24 Hour Ceiling Fan Installation

Tips to fix your ceiling in your home

  • Since the installation of a ceiling fan requires some electrical connections. Be sure to cut off the power to your ceiling light at the service panel. By taking this step, you can move forward safely. To install a ceiling fan, call professionals in Massachusetts!
  • Start by assembling the different parts of your ceiling fan, with the exception of the mounting bracket (which will need to attach to the ceiling first).  For this step, refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Then define where to install your ceiling fan. You should generally fix it in the center of the room to be most effective. If you install it in the location of an old ceiling light, you can use the power cables already in place. If you install it in a completely different location, you may need to draw the necessary electrical connections.
  • Once the installation location has been determined, fix the U there. Start by marking the different attachment points with a pencil before drilling. Then install anchors suitable for the material of your ceiling, then screw it securely. Connect it to the existing electrical connection.
  • Finally, insert the motor unit of your ceiling fan into the U, taking care to connect the connections of the two parts (it is generally sufficient to fit two plastic clips). Attach the mounting cover. All you have to do is install the blades following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Then reconnect the electricity to test your ceiling fan.

Tip: A plasterboard ceiling may not withstand the weight of a ceiling fan. If this is your case, insert a thick piece of wood over the plasterboard and attach the fan to it. Its weight will thus be better distributed.

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