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How do smoke detectors work?

How do smoke detectors work
How do smoke detectors work


Smoking at home, in a shop or on a construction site can be very dangerous for the safety of people. In fact, smoke is the first sign of a fire threat. But, not only: carbon monoxide, in poorly ventilated environments, can be lethal. Read the article below about: How do smoke detectors work?

A reliable and effective way to prevent any danger is to use a smoke detector , the first real “sentinel” of a fire-fighting system.

How do smoke detectors work?

Currently there are two different types of smoke detectors. The first one is ionizing chamber. The second one is optical beam. These are different technologies in the field of fire prevention. The particularities that make it necessary to choose wisely which type to install in your home or company. In any case, it is always good to remember. It is important not only the installation but also the constant maintenance of the fire protection devices. In this way there is always a guarantee of correct operation.

Ionizing chamber smoke detectors

The ionizing chamber smoke detectors implement a system capable of detecting the presence of smoke. That’s thanks to the variation of the electric field. It is a development of ions in the air in the presence of combustion. They are performing in the event of fires that develop quickly, less suitable for rooms where the air quality can undergo variations, for example a mechanical workshop where the exhaust fumes from running cars could trigger “false alarms” .

Optical beam smoke detectors

The optical beam smoke detectors work thanks to a particular phenomenon of optical diffusion of light. The smoke that develops during a fire invades the detector chamber and changes the way the light spreads. So, the detection system trips and generates an alarm. With this type of detectors it is important to pay particular attention to the installation point. In this way, avoid false positives for variations in brightness other than the dangerous presence of fumes.

Gas leak detectors

The diffusion of gas systems in homes, both for kitchens and for heating, makes it very useful to have a gas detection sensor in the house capable of promptly detecting a leak. A gas detector detects the presence of this dangerous element dispersed in a closed environment. It measures the quantity and emits an alarm signal if there is a risk. The gas detectors depends on the type of gas. Some of them are: detector of methane gas, propane gas detector, CO2 detector and carbon monoxide detector. The most technologically advanced devices are capable of detecting the presence of several types of gas and, if connected to a solenoid valve, of intervening to block the emission of gas.

Smoke and gas detection in Massachusetts

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