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Common electrical problems in home

Look around. Everything in your life runs on electricity. Cars are now electric too. But with all the advances – and there have been thousands of them – there are still some common electrical problems that everyone faces in their lifetime. We’re not talking about your broken charger or your HVAC system acting strangely. We mean electrical problems lurking within the walls of the home that cause recurring problems almost every day. Do you need to hire an electrician in Massachusetts for all of them?

Common electrical problems in home

We’re looking at the most common electrical problems in your home and what you can do to fix them

1. Frequent overvoltages

Electrical surges arise from a number of things. Summer storms and damaged power lines. Sometimes, the power company is to blame too. A surge occurs when there is a huge jump in charge within power lines. This increases the potential electrical energy, which increases the current to the outlet.

Even if it’s only a second, frequent surges can damage your appliances and electronics. Lighting is the most notorious troublemaker, but it’s not the main reason for a surge in tension. Lightning can hold a billion volts of electricity. Emergency Electrician Massachusetts is lucky he made it out alive! In the event of a lightning strike, a surge protector can’t handle it, so it’s best to unplug your laptop, console, TV, etc. During a thunderstorm. If you do and continue to experience spikes, it is definitely time to call an emergency electrician.

2. Overloaded circuit

You are probably the reason for an overloaded circuit. These occur when the amount of current flowing to an appliance or device exceeds what it can handle. Here’s how you might be causing this.

If your lamp is rated for a maximum 60-watt bulb and you decide it is not bright enough and plug in a 100-watt bulb, you have just overloaded the lamp. Worst case scenario? The heat from the bulb melts the socket and the insulation of the fixture’s wires. The wires sparkle and now you have an electric fire. If your lamp or fixture does not list a maximum wattage, do not exceed 60.  Also,  you constantly reset a tripped circuit breaker, check to see what is connected to the circuit. If it’s a lamp, check the wattage and which bulb you are using.

For women: Too many curling irons, and hair dryers connected at the same time can also cause overload. The biggest culprit is probably your dryer, especially if it’s a high-performance model. Try using only one at a time and see if that solves the electrical problem.

3. Not enough outlets

You may not think that not having enough outlets is an electrical problem. After all, this must mean you can’t overload anything or have too much on a short circuit?

When you move into a new home and notice that the master bedroom only has one outlet, what do you do? If you’re like most people, get a plug extension so you can plug in your TV, cable box, and lamp. The same thing goes for a dead outlet. You need power on that side of the room, so use an extension cord. There are a couple of problems with this “fix”. The first is that most extension cords are for temporary use. You shouldn’t use them as the # 1 wiring option.

If using an extension cord is the ultimate solution, you must ensure that you are using at least a 14 gauge heavy-duty extension cord or UL surge protector. Extension cable safety is no joke. Do not daisy-chain two or more together or use them in an attic or crawl space. If you need more outlets, call an electrician in Massachusetts.

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