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Signs of dangerous electrical problems

While we usually believe the electrical system is functioning properly, there are telltale signs that can indicate a dangerous problem. Ignoring these signs can put your family and home at risk. Faulty wiring is a significant cause of home fires, so knowing the warning signs can ensure you can act quickly and fix electrical problems before it becomes a dangerous hazard.

Problems with sockets

If any of your home outlets are behaving in an unusual way, you could have a wiring problem in your home. Your grips should always be cool to the touch. If any of your outlets feel hot or feel as if they are buzzing or vibrating, contact an electrician immediately. Other warning signs that could indicate faulty wiring in your home are landmark marks or sparks emitting from outlets. In addition, outlets that are not working can be a very serious warning sign that requires immediate attention from an electrician.

Household appliances or buzzing lights

When you turn on a lamp, flip a switch or plug in a device, listen carefully. If you hear a hum or buzz, or if you feel a vibration or electric shock, something is wrong. Anything that buzzes or vibrates when plugged in can be a sign of a serious electrical hazard in your home. If you have lights or humming appliances, turn off the circuit breaker in that outlet or room and unplug the item or items in question.

Burning smell


If you can’t identify the source of a burning smell in your home, it could be from the wires inside your walls. Burnt strands have an acrid smell, like burnt plastic or vinyl. The wires can heat up and burn slowly, unnoticed, for a long time before igniting nearby material. Also, to avoid an electrical fire, always seek immediate attention from a qualified electrician if you smell burnt plastic smell in your home.

Switches blown


Most homes have a breaker box located somewhere on the property. Typically, circuit breakers only turn on if that particular circuit gets overloaded with excessive electrical use at one time. Sometimes, this is a normal and safe reaction to too many objects absorbing energy at one time in your home. However, if tripped breakers happen regularly in your home, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Intermittent switches could be a sign that the wiring in your home is not effectively managing the level of electricity. Your home is drawing in, and overloaded wires can become more easily burned over time. If you are routinely dealing with tripped circuit breakers, it is best to seek a professional evaluation of your electrical system to ensure that your home is safe.

Flickering or dimmable lights

If your home’s lighting is unevenly flickering, or suddenly gets brighter or dimmer, for no apparent reason, this could be a sign that you have a bigger problem with your home’s wiring. When a problem occurs with only one light, it is possible that the problem is the light itself and not the wiring in the house. However, to be safe, it may be best to assess the situation with a qualified electrician in Massachusetts. If more than one of your lights has experienced flickering or brightening and then dimming. The problem is almost certainly with the wiring in your home, and it needs to be repaired by a professional.

Your home is experiencing one of these electrical signals, or if you simply suspect that your home may have older wiring and may be in need of updates or repairs. If you are concerned about your electrical system or find one or more electrical problems, contact an electrician in Massachusetts immediately.

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